J&J Productions was founded when I found myself at a crossroads in life. I was a stay-at-home mom with 0 income and needed a way to provide for my daughter and I. 

I've always run barrels and rodeo'd going up. I was hired at the YCA Arena in Graham to help with stall reservations and such. The arena manager at the time asked me if I wanted to start putting weekly races on. We started Monday night races with about 20 entries and maybe 60 exhibitions. J&J has grown quite a bit over the years to say the least.  We have worked hard to form a brand that people believe in and trust us to do a good job. At one point, I was working an 8-5 job, and producing 2 weeknight races a week to make ends meet. 

The following we have includes quite a few futurity trainers. We have high exceptions of our selves in general, but when you have a ton of futurity babies coming to exhibition or enter for their first time the anxiety level rises and we want each race to be even more perfect. 

J&J Productions wouldn't be anywhere we are today without the great crew I've had over the years. We are a team and everyone's on the same level. We all hang banners, set up, tear down and help out anywhere anything needs done. 

In 2020 I remarried and now help my husband run his construction company with doing all the books and running the office. We both produce events, Austin produces team ropings, Robertson Hill Ranch. Tossing ideas back and forth help us each make the other production that much better. 

What does J&J stand for?!

Jodi (me) and Jayci (my daughter) - She's in the picture at our first Lone Star Shootout on "Snickers"